How to Add a README file to your GitHub Profile

How to Add a README file to your GitHub Profile

GitHub recently introduced a special feature for developers, that allows you to showcase yourself by pinning a containing information about you, your work, portfolio, and anything else on your GitHub profile.

Here are some of my favorites:

Jason's GitHub.png

Prosper's GitHub.png

Cassidy's GitHub.png

In this article, I'll show you how to create a new GitHub repository and pin your special README file to your profile. That's it 🌚


  • A GitHub account
  • Basic markdown knowledge
  • Smile dear friend :)


  • Create a new ✨special✨ repository with your username. The special repository is case sensitive, ensure to use the same case as your account's username.

GitHub screenshot.png

  • Click on the checkbox: Initialize this repository with a README. This will create a file inside your / repository.

Screenshot 2020-07-09 at 7.58.56 AM.png


A README file contains information about other files in a directory or archive of computer software. A form of documentation, it is usually a simple plain text file called READ.ME, README.TXT,, README.1ST – or simply README. The file's name is generally written in uppercase letters. ~ Wikepedia

Now you have the file in your ✨special✨ repository, that's all you need. Edit the file as you deem fit (add images, text, tables, lists, embeds and anything else markdown supports). The README file will automatically appear on your public GitHub profile!

GitHub screenshot.png

You also get a free template out of the box, cool right?

GitHub screenshot.png

Here's my own finished profile page from the special repository:

My GitHub Profile.png


The special repository is a great way to showcase and summarize yourself and work for potential opportunities and engagements. Get creative and showcase everything about yourself to your friends and GitHub stalkers.

Got your special repository live now? Drop a link to your GitHub account in the comments and let's see how amazing yours look. ✌🏾🙂